Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Ice Penguin, Learn to Skate at Silver Blades, Gillingham

Ice Penguin Learn to Skate is the newest Skate Excellence course at Silver Blades. It is designed for “preschoolers”.

Ice Penguins teaches participants how to skate through play, the use of colours, shapes, and visual aids.

The lessons are audio driven, with different penguin characters & the penguin club leader guiding participants through the basic instructions. The use of familiar nursery songs helps to create a fun loving environment that will make for an enjoyable experience for all!

The ice penguin programme consists of 5 levels, and each level is made up of smaller sections, which that are the building blocks of skating. Your preschool skater will quickly become familiar with the lesson format, and in turn will be able to achieve their goal of progressing through the ranks of the Ice Penguin programme.

On completion of a level, each Ice Penguin will be rewarded with a range of badges and certificates to help celebrate their success!

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