Thursday, 11 May 2017

Information on the MOD Referral Scheme

The MOD Referral Scheme is coordinated by JSHAO to assist some service leavers to get accommodation via housing associations.

Some housing associations ask JSHAO to nominate personnel as tenants for vacant properties. Being on the MOD Referral Scheme provides an additional route to secure housing.

The MOD have recognised that some service leavers have difficulty in accessing social and affordable housing. Through this scheme the donating housing associations are able to help people who otherwise may have problems being prioritised high enough to have a realistic chance of being housed by local authorities.

- those who have difficulty proving a local connection
- couples with no children
- single personnel

Adapted and sheltered (both supported and unsupported) accommodation is also available through the scheme. Please ensure that any needs are fully explained on the application form.

The JSHAO does not have housing stock and is reliant on the goodwill of housing associations and therefore there is no guarantee that applicants will be housed through the scheme. JSHAO cannot estimate how many offers they will receive, when they will be offered or where the properties will be located.

All applicants are strongly advised to contact their local authority housing department and other housing associations and to consider all housing options in addition to applying for the scheme.

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