Tuesday, 14 March 2017

TripAble - Finding Accessible Hotels

TripAble finds the perfect travel destinations for jet setters with specific accessibility needs.
No matter what your disability, TripAble will help you travel the world.

The easiest way to describe it is TripAdvisor for the physically disabled; TripAble.org allows anyone to rate a hotel across six main categories:

•             Hotel Access
•             Room Usability
•             Toilet Facilities
•             Washing Facilities
•             Hotel Facilities
•             Fire Exit

Each area can be rated from one to five, an increasing scale of accessible adaptions available, starting with one being "no additional considerations for disabled persons", this should allow the website to be useful for people with a wide range of mobility issues (from walking stick to electric wheelchair and carer). Each rating has a brief description to allow you to understand the accessible needs needing to be met, and we always welcome feedback on these to improve the website.

There is also space to add a personal review of the hotel, should you wish to write as well.  There are currently 300,000 hotels listed worldwide, so whilst we do not have every hotel we cover most destinations.

The aim is simple, to give people the ability to find appropriately accessible accommodation.

As this is a new service we currently need to get reviews of hotels people have stayed in, as these reviews will guide others.

Please visit the website at https://tripable.org/

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