Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Warrior Programme

The Warrior Programme is a 3 day motivation and training programme with 12 month structured support and signposting.

The Warrior Programme runs residential programmes in London, SW and NW for Veterans and adult Family Members of Veterans. The programme is ideally suited to individuals who are: not fulfilling their potential, stuck, frustrated, angry, guilty, unsure, lacking in confidence, struggling with the transition post operations, in civvie street or returning to 'normality'.
The 3 day coaching programme teaches participants practical, effective tools, techniques and coaching strategies to improve performance and motivation and overcome the above. The course outcomes are to improve:

- Confidence
- Self Reliance
- Resilience
- Independence
- Self belief
- Managing self, mood and emotions

To allow individuals to lead an independent and functioning life in society.

Post course participants have the opportunity to attend monthly and quarterly refresher days to review their situation, refresh skills and refocus their goals to enable them to lead independent lives and function in society

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